Marek & Jadwiga Romanowski

Mr. Rogers,

The ending of our house restoration project and squaring off the accounts for the work done seems to be a suitable moment to express our appreciation to your Company for successful completion of the job. Since the unfortunate fire event at our house on June 27, 2014, we were in contact with your staff on almost a daily basis for a few months, and now I would like to give our thanks to all of them, with special recognition of Mr. Matthew Harmon, who work as the project leader and supervisor of the work.

The very stressful event, such as fire at our home had put Mr. Harmon to a difficult test. It's not only good management and professional strength that were required here, but also dealing with our bleak moods and every day hardships in this very unusual period of our life. On all accounts Matthew Harmon exceeded expectations. Highly professional, very knowledgeable in the diversified field of house restoration and construction, competent, energetic and always friendly, Matthew Harmon met successfully all challenges of the task at hand. The often daunting tasks included obtaining necessary permits, searching for suitable materials to match existing ones, and coordination with sub-trades, just to name the few.

Even a temporary health problem that he went through in the course of the job and untimely resignation of one of the senior members of his team did not affect Mr. Harmon's efficiency or prevent him from keeping the job on track. He was consistently hard working, well organized, innovative and helpful during the entire project. We will always be ready to give Mr. Harmon best references and we would certainly use his services in the future (hopefully in better circumstances).

Please extend to Matthew our thanks for the job well done.

Marek & Jadwiga Romanowski

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