• Matthew Harmon came to my home on Thursday afternoon to inspect what was causing water damage to the front of our garage. Matthew did not waste any time and thoroughly began searching for what the root of the problem was. After narrowing it down to what it was he made sure that I understood how this happened and what the process was going to be to repair it. Mr. Harmon was extremely knowledgeable and professional he made dealing with this issue a breeze especially while my husband is overseas. I would recommend Matthew Harmon and Network Property Restoration to anyone!

    Hillary Flagg
  • Dear Sir:
    We would like to express our satisfaction with the work that was completed by your company on our church due to the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. We are very pleased with all the repairs that were made and would certainly consider you company again in the future as well as highly recommend you to others who may be in need of your services.

    Rev. Justin J. Gamble | Bernette Williams - Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church
  • Dear Mr. Robert,

    It has been a pleasure working with you and your company employees during the storm repairs of our
    church building. Through all the ups and downs that normally come with this type of construction, you
    were true to your word and we appreciate that a great deal. In the past, we have had problems with
    contractors not communicating back with us or returning phone calls or promising to come and never
    show up. Your response has been great. This is something rare these days, especially when there is
    plenty of work available.

    We know the distance you traveled for our construction was an inconvenience to you, but you handled
    it well. The subs were very friendly and trustworthy, and also very hard workers.
    Again, thanks from all of our church congregation. Everything looks good. Should you ever need any
    referrals, don't hesitate to call us.
    God Bless you and your company and your future endeavors.

    Frankie D. Cooper

    Frankie D. Cooper - New Life FWB Church Of Conway
  • Braden,

    I hope this finds you and the team of Network Property Restoration [DKI] well! I wanted to take a moment & tell you personally how much of a pleasure it was to work with you and your team while I was at The Peninsula on James Island. You have an A+ operation & fantastic team. Pleas give my best to Matthew, Ryan, and the rest of the gang. I look forward to calling on you & knowing no problem is too big/small. Please let me know if I can help you in my new position - Happy Holidays.

    Matt Fogle - Realtor - Carolina One Real Estate demolink.org
  • To whom it may concern,

    It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Gary Miller. Gary was the Installer
    for a window replacement project in my house on December 1 5` — 2"°, 2016. I had an extensive
    restoration job completed by his company, Network Property Restoration in the late summer of 2016
    but this was my first project with Gary. The scope of the project included the removal of an original 9-
    panel bowed window and the installation of a brand new picture window.

    Gary completed the removal and installation on Thursday, December 1st and the painting was
    completed on Friday, December 2nd. His communication with me regarding scheduled arrival times,
    completion time, and update on work done was timely and appreciated. I felt comfortable with allowing
    him access inside my home without being present. He conveyed a respectful and honest mannerism
    which showed in his respect for my home. He properly cleaned up after himself and notified me of a
    minor cleaning oversight with an understandable explanation. He had to do some custom framing and
    trim work because of the conversion. His quality of work done showed him to be very knowledgeable,
    skilled and competent in his trade. He seemed comfortable discussing the details of the job and
    answering all of my questions.

    I am very pleased with the final product that Gary delivered. I would not hesitate to recommend or work
    with him again. He is a valuable asset to Network Property Restoration.


    Jennifer Lirryant

    Jennifer Lirryant - Satisfied Homeowner
  • 86 Murray Blvd
    SC 29401

    December 18, 2016

    To whom it may concern:

    I am writing to recommend Braden Rogers and his company Network Property Restoration. Following a disastrous encounter with Hurricane Matthew on October 9th, 2016, I engaged the services of Mr. Rogers’ company to assist in the restoration of the ground floor of my Charleston residence. We had suffered the intrusion of some 22 inches of category 3 storm water surge (sea water with possible biological effluent) into the 1200 sq.ft. of the ground floor.

    Braden’s knowledge of the overall damage containment and mitigation process was exemplary, plus his experience in dealing with insurance adjustors was invaluable. He and his staff were exceedingly professional in the way in which they went about their work. They kept me apprised of each of the steps involved and answered all questions that I posed. The work was completed in the proscribed timeframe and was within a reasonable budget.

    I was very happy with the work they did and would thoroughly recommend Braden and his company for any similar situation.
    Nigel Cooper

    Nigel Cooper
  • In late September of 2014, a fire broke out in the 20,000 sq. ft. building which houses my office and warehouse. Being in the event planning business, my inventory is very unique and many items are not replaceable. I was pleased to meet Braden Rogers and Network Property Restoration, who our insurance company recommended for the cleanup. Braden and his team not only did a spectacular job emptying the entire facility, having all items cleaned, wiping down the entire building for it to be re-painted, but educated us along the way on the process and timeline. They took special care of our items through the process. Having not been through such an experience, I have to say that they made it as seamless as possible, identifying our goals of what was most important to our company to be handled first and making that happen. The team was professional, timely, and mindful of our on-going business operation during the process. Their communication throughout the billing process was excellent as well. I would highly recommend Network Property Restoration to anyone who has to deal with the clean up from a fire, flood or natural disaster.

    Mitchell Crosby
    President and Founder
    JMC Charleston

    Mitchell Crosby ~ President & Founder ~ JMC Charleston
  • Braden,

    Last night my step daughter called me about some mold on the floor of a rental dwelling she owns. I contacted Andy Parker at T. M. Mayfield and he gave me Matthew Harmon's name and phone number. I called Matthew and told him what I had and needed some help. He happened to be in Mt. Pleasant and met my wife at the house no more than 20 minutes later. The mold was being caused by a leaking faucet. Matthew cleaned up the spot and told my wife exactly what to tell the plumber. My wife tried four times to pay him because he was there for 30 minutes, each time he refused. I am in the insurance business and have never seen a contractor do that especially where mold is concerned. I just wanted you to know how professional and honest he was, you need to keep him. I will recommend your firm to every customer I have that has a mold issue. It's nice to have an alternative to Disaster Plus and Service master, etc.

    Gerard Stelling

    Gerard Stelling
  • I have known Mr. Rogers for about ten years and have worked with him on property losses involving fires, tornadoes, and water damage. He has an outstanding work ethic and makes the entire situation stay on track in getting the job done in a timely fashion. His work product is extremely good and he receives excellent feedback from his past customers.

    Mr. Rogers and his firm will make a difficult situation run very smoothly.

    James Price - Executive General Adjuster (J.F. Price & Co.)

    James Price - Executive General Adjuster (J.F. Price & Co.)
  • I would like to “Thank You” and Network Property for all of your help with Byrd Hall over the last few months. We really appreciate it, and if ever we need you in the future, we know who to call. Thanks again so much!!


    Karl K. Grant -- Director, Env. Health & Safety
    The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina

    Karl K. Grant
  • Mr. Rogers,

    I want to thank you and your team for their involvement with my insurance claim. All of you have been extremely helpful and understanding of my difficult situation and tight time frame. I especially want to recognize Matthew Harmon as a pivotal part in this process.
    I feel extremely lucky that my adjuster chose him to assess the damages to my home. He accurately diagnosed a unique and difficult problem with minimal issues. I am confident that other contractors would have caused collateral damage all over my home during the diagnostic process which would have driven up the cost to me. Matt was able to put me at ease and made me feel as comfortable as possible while I was dealing with a very stressful situation. After speaking with Matt I was certain that the team at Network Restoration were the right contractors for this job.
    Matt definitely casts Network Restoration in a positive light and after dealing with all the situations which arose during this repair process; I now know that all his previous statements are true.
    All of your team have been professional and efficient. Matt is the embodiment of professionalism and customer service. He was very patient with me and fielded my calls, questions and concerns with thorough follow through. I feel like I have finally found a contractor firm which cares about the individual and their property not just their bottom line.
    After dealing with all involved; I would gladly recommend Network Restorations to any of my friends, family or colleagues for any of their contractor needs (in fact, I plan on displaying your cards in my office waiting room) . I know that if the need should ever arise to need contractor services in the future; I will not think twice about contacting Network Restoration.

    Thank You for all you’ve done,

    Dr. Tom Welsh
    Tom Welsh, DPT, CSCS
    Clinic Director/Lead Therapist
    Atlas Physical Therapy of Summerville

    (Mobile) 315-404-5428(Office) 843-261-1000(Fax) 843-261-1002Atlas PT

    Dr. Tom Welsh
  • Mr. Gray (NCA Adjuster),

    I am happy to report that the repairs needed to complete my claim are now complete. I am going to attach the invoice associated with this claim to this e-mail so that you may close out things on your end as well.
    I also would like to thank you for choosing Matthew Harmon as the water mitigation expert on this claim. To say Matthew was wonderful would be an understatement. He demonstrated efficient diagnostic skills with minimal collateral damage to my property. His ability to illustrate the cause and effects of my difficult and unique problem allowed me to grasp the gravity of the situation as well as understand how the matter would be handled. After seeing the complexity involved; I have no doubt that he has a meticulous attention to detail and has the ability to mitigate any loss.
    When it came time to estimate the cost of the repair that I would have to pay out of pocket, he was very fair and honest. He was also prompt and professional to every encounter and made me feel comfortable to reach out to him with questions and concerns. I believe that he and his team executed the repair with precision and in a timely manner.
    Looking back at this whole claim process, I feel very relieved that you and Matthew were involved in handling this issue for me. Thank you so much for your involvement and your excellent choice in a contractor to handle the loss. I am very satisfied and impressed with how everyone handled the situation. I would definitely recommend Network Restoration to anyone in need of mitigation related to an insurance loss.
    With Gratitude,

    Dr. Tom Welsh

    Dr. Tom Welsh
  • I am writing to tell you about the work done at my apartment. Your company did an excellent job in repairing the damage done to my apartment due to a pipe bursting on the third floor. Their quick response at the time of the damage is responsible for containing the damage. I am sure that it would have been much more extensive if I had had to wait any longer. Good timing because I was going out of town for the Christmas holiday.
    Once they got the go ahead from the insurance company they worked speedily and efficiently to repair the damage. When the floor did not work out on the first go around they repaired it correctly.
    All of the workers were gentlemanly and professional trying to keep my discomfort to a minimum. Mr. Doug Werner was especially good to work with.
    If I have any problems in the future I will call on Network and recommend them to others.

    Ann Mitchum
  • You guys are a tremendous resource and trusted friends. A few more clones of you guys would be helpful. Actually, I think that is almost a shot at you because you've never not been able to handle anything thrown at you.

    Ken Poteat
  • Mr. Rogers,

    I wanted to take the time to Thank You and your crew, for a job well done. I was very impressed with the professionalism, how efficient you all were, and the job that was done at my condo after the water leak. I don't see many businesses today that do the kind of job you all did. I Thank You from the bottom of my heart. A special Thank You to Ryan and Justin, they were fabulous, through this trying time they showed me compassion, and sympathy. Will definitely call on you again, and will also recommend you. The State Farm adjuster LeAnn spoke so highly of the job you all did.

    Thank You,
    Denise Prueter

    Denise Prueter
  • Braden,
    Randy and I are so pleased with the remodeling you did on our IOP home. Your
    attention to detail and professionalism is noticed and appreciated. You go
    the extra mile when needed and that makes you a gem. We would use your
    service again and highly recommend your talents.

    Julie A. Gifford, MS

    Julie A. Gifford, MS
  • "I have had the pleasure of working with Braden on projects that ranged in the 6 to 7 figure dollar figures. Braden is a true professional at every level of what he does. He pays attention to the smallest detail and delivers perfection on each project. First class businessman and first class individual. "

    Kenny Britt

    Kenny Britt
  • Hello Braden,

    Randy and I are so pleased with the remodeling you did on our IOP home. Your attention to detail and professionalism is noticed and appreciated. You go the extra mile when needed and that makes you a gem. We would use your service again and highly recommend your talents.

    Julie A. Gifford, MS

    Julie A. Gifford
  • My name is Glen D. Lindsey and I am the Youth Pastor/ Trustee at United Christian Outreach church in Georgetown S.C. I am writing today to thank Southern Mutual Church Insurance, Andy Parker (Adjuster) and Network Property Restoration from Charleston S.C. (Braden Rogers) for their help.
    On May 11, 2014 a storm tore the roof off of our educational building and flooded the inside. Andy came in and worked with us and did a great job getting us started on the recovery process. After talking to a couple different contractors we decided to go with Network Property Restoration owned by Mr. Braden Rogers. From the first day Braden seemed to care about our opinions and he went out of his way to keep us happy. As we got deeper into the job we had many challenges to overcome during this process and we were informed and felt apart of all decisions that had to be made. Braden and his staff were very flexible and great to work with. We are very pleased with the quality of work we have received from Network Property Restoration. I would recommend Network Property Restoration to anyone that has a need for a Good general contractor that you can Trust. Braden is a man of his word and did exactly what he told us he would. We really do appreciate the support we receive during this difficult time for our church. May God bless you all in the future.

    Glen D. Lindsey

    Glen D. Lindsey
  • Mr. Rogers,

    The ending of our house restoration project and squaring off the accounts for the work done seems to be a suitable moment to express our appreciation to your Company for successful completion of the job. Since the unfortunate fire event at our house on June 27, 2014, we were in contact with your staff on almost a daily basis for a few months, and now I would like to give our thanks to all of them, with special recognition of Mr. Matthew Harmon, who work as the project leader and supervisor of the work.

    The very stressful event, such as fire at our home had put Mr. Harmon to a difficult test. It's not only good management and professional strength that were required here, but also dealing with our bleak moods and every day hardships in this very unusual period of our life. On all accounts Matthew Harmon exceeded expectations. Highly professional, very knowledgeable in the diversified field of house restoration and construction, competent, energetic and always friendly, Matthew Harmon met successfully all challenges of the task at hand. The often daunting tasks included obtaining necessary permits, searching for suitable materials to match existing ones, and coordination with sub-trades, just to name the few.

    Even a temporary health problem that he went through in the course of the job and untimely resignation of one of the senior members of his team did not affect Mr. Harmon's efficiency or prevent him from keeping the job on track. He was consistently hard working, well organized, innovative and helpful during the entire project. We will always be ready to give Mr. Harmon best references and we would certainly use his services in the future (hopefully in better circumstances).

    Please extend to Matthew our thanks for the job well done.

    Marek & Jadwiga Romanowski

    Marek & Jadwiga Romanowski
  • Sunny and I would to express our appreciation for the great job that your company did on our home when we experienced serious water damage back in April. When the adjuster came out and realized we needed a water mitigation company, he called your company. You were there, along with your guys, within an hour. I cried when I realized how much damage we had to our home. You were very compassionate and you will never know how much that meant to me.
    You worked very closely with Scott Jones, our adjuster, to make sure that our claim was properly handled. As soon as the claim was approved, you called a meeting for my husband and me as well as our tenants. You explained the renovation/repair process and how long you thought it would take.
    We encountered many little bumps along the way, but you and your guys….Ken, Richard Britt, Rick Rockwell, and Chewy were always available when I text you or called you. You helped us with issues such as the downdraft piping for the new cook-top and the installation of new light fixtures which were not even related to our claim. Thank you so so much .
    I know that it was difficult for our tenants to remain in the house during the renovation process, but I appreciate your company working with them and keeping them informed of what was going on.
    The house looks so beautiful now. One of the things that I am so pleased with is the porcelain tile that you allowed me to select in place of the congoleum. It is absolutely beautiful and adds so much value to our home. Adrian did a super good job installing it.
    I want to acknowledge your supervisor Doug Werner who came at the end of the job. He was such a delight to work with. He is definitely a people person. Our tenant couldn't praise him enough!
    In conclusion, I would certainly recommend Network Property Restoration to anyone who is in need of repairs from water damage and or restoration of their property. Thank you again for helping us to get through this process. Thank you for working with our insurance company to get us reinstated when they canceled our policy.

    With best regards for the future.
    Linda and Sunny Grant

    Linda and Sunny Grant
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Braden over the last several years. Braden is amazing at what he does, he is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in his field. I would highly recommend Braden for any type of restoration project, renovations, and general property maintenance.

    Jeannie Champlin
  • I wanted to thank you and Matt again for coming by this afternoon. I was very impressed with you and your team at Network Property Testoration. I greatly appreciate your professionalism and the research you did before you even came to our house. Your team was very methodical in their approach and showed great attention to detail throughout the investigation. They explained each step of the process, along with the rationale behind what they were doing. Our overall experience with your company was very good. In the future, I would use Network Property Restoration and would highly recommend them to others.

    Matt Green
  • Thank you, Matthew Harmon and Network Property Restoration, for an excellent job fixing my ice storm damages. This damage included roof repair, painting bedroom ceiling after water damage, removing and adding insulation in the attic as well as repairing a cracked rafter. Allen Burbage is a delight to work with... I really appreciate all the great help.

    Eleanor Veronee
  • We contracted Braden Rogers to completely rebuild our master bathroom from the sub-floor up at our cottage on Seabrook Island, SC. We are more than satisfied with the results. This was a job well done! Braden kept in constant contact with us and helped us through the processes as they developed.

    Braden sent us samples of tile for us to decide from, and notified us of the timing and steps being taken to complete the work.

    We would not hesitate to hire Braden to do any work that has to be done, and we highly recommend Braden to anyone who wants a quality job.

    Maryann and Jim Williams
  • Braden,

    I want to express the appreciation that my family and I have for the professionalism you exhibited when you made repairs to our beach cottage. I could not have expected more from a contractor. You addressed the problems associated from the flood damage and kept me informed daily during the drying process. I was notified about moisture content in the subflooring and you logged results daily. You were resourceful when selecting replacement flooring when I asked for alternatives and made every effort to meet the deadline I required, and you did. You were responsive each and every time I called with questions and your explanation was detailed. You kept the work site around the home clean and went above and beyond what I expected when you removed the dumpster as requested by another resident and had to make alternative arrangements to remove the damged materials form the house. The work site was left clean after the job was completed. Your thoroughness resulted in finding and preventing additional problems. Finding the burned wires on the water heater saved us from a potential disaster even greater than what we were dealing with at tht time. The work you did on our home meets and exceeds all our expectations. You met our deadline, the quality of work was as expected, our daughter was able to use the home for her honeymoon, and I thank you for helping us through that difficult situation.

    Sam Daniel
  • I was referred to Braden from two former customers of mine that spoke highly of his work. I feel I am a hard customer to please because of being raised with a father who was a known builder and developer in the Charleston area. So our family has worked with many people over the past 30 years but I can say without a doubt not only would I trust his work I would recommend them to family and friends. There are very few with the passion and determination that Braden carries with him each day. So, with that being said, I believe you will be more than happy with Braden Rogers and his complete dedication in giving you 100% to get the job done with 100% satisfaction - just another happy repeat/future customer.

    Rhonda H. Reeves
  • Braden, 

    I want to thank you for everything you did to restore our property. It is and always has been a pleasure to know and work with you. I will be certain to call upon you and refer your services to others in the future.

    Jannie and Brian Champlin
  • I would like to thank you [Braden] for your great work and amazing response time to the emergency at my rental property. I was very fortunate to have had you referred to me. When the leaking water pipe was discovered and the extent of damage to ceilings, walls and floors to two of the three levels known, I thought I would have to cancel my guests for Christmas vacation. The quality and speed of the restoration was excellent. I appreciated the timely updates to the progress of the work, especially being a thousand miles away at the time.

    As a result of this project, I did not hesitate to hire Network for a planned project to replace rotten wood around the soffits and facia of the house. Again excellent workmanship. Thank you.

    Stan Harris
  • Our office at Park Place Apartments was devastated by a fire in the early morning hours of June 3rd, 2012. By that same evening, Network Restoration was present in our community packing up our things and beginning the process of putting our office back together. Braden Rogers along with his team were fantastic during the restoration of our office. They worked tirelessly to ensure that the jo was done quickly and efficiently and we were completely operational again within ten days of the fire.

    I would highly recommend Braden and Network Restoration for any job that would need to be done.

    Allison Burton - Support Manager (Park Place Apartments Spartanburg)
  • In July, my house in the Charleston, SC area caught on fire and burned a mjor portion of the house before the firemen were able to put it out. This was devastating news. We decided to rebuild it rather than tear it down. Network Restorations was the contractor we chose to do the work. So glad we did. Braden and Shawn were very professional, very accommodating, and got the job done in the estimated time frame. They did an excellent job and we are more tha pleased with the end result. If you have a restoration project, I highly recommend Network Restorations.

    Lowell Swartzentruber
  • Network Property Restoration recently completed a job at our Canine Rehabilitation facility, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for a job well done. Braden Rogers (owner/operator) and his crew thoroughly evaluated the porject and presented us with a plan that met all of our ne3eds for a reasonable price. Each member of the team was personable, courteous, and knowledgeable, with a genuine desire to please the client. The project manager kept the project moving in a timely manner, regularly updated us on the progress, worked to schedule around our client load, and saw to it that no loose ends were left hanging. Network Property Restoration went above and beyond to make sure that we were completely satisfied with all aspects of this project and from beginning to end, attention to quality and safety was noted and appreciated.

    Although this was our first time using Network Property Restoration, their seamless execution of this project has no put them at the top of our list for any future needs. There are many other things I could say, but mainly, on behalf of Coastal Carolina Veterinary Specialists and Canine Rehabilitation, I would like to thank them for all their good work. I would highly recommend their services to anyone who is interested in getting the job done right the first time.

    Whitney Rainero - MSR, PT, CCRT (Coastal Carolina Veterinary Specialists, LLC.)
  • I would like to thank you again for taking a scarey situation and making it turn for the best. Whenever you receive a call on a Saturday morning from your neighbor below saying that your condo has leaked water in to his and he has mold everywhere and you find that yours does also, you know you are going to deal with a lot of headaches! From the time that I hired Network Restoration I no longer worried abou anything. Braden would call and update daily on progress and was very hands on with the entire project. It is also scary when dealing with an insurance claim but my adjuster had 100% trust and confidence in Braden Rogers and that made the process much smoother. Unfortunately, my neighbor below went with someone else to fix his damage and he has later told me that he wishes he would have used Network Restoration. Braden and his team would often clean up behind the other construction crews in the elevator and common areas! I would recommend Network Restoration to anyone! My condo is in better shape than when I purchased.

    Thanks again for going above and beyond the call of duty.

    Robert Thomas
  • You and your people are very professional and a pleasure to work with! You can be assured I will recommend your company to anyone in need of your services.

    Chuck Harkey - Government Relations Director (Beneficial Management Corporation of America)
  • Matthew,

    I just want to send you a quick note to thank you for all of your help these past couple of weeks with my unit and the other units in builiding 10 that were damaged from the water heater leak in unit 1015. Over the course of this minor crisis, I have had the pleasure in talking with you, Shawn, and Braden and I was treated with friendliness, promptness, and professionalism by everyone.

    Here's a summary of my experience...

    My tenant was the first person to discover the leak when she noticed some standing water in the kitchen and outside in the breezeway a week or so before Christmas. After she called me, I notified the Concord Management Office and then I hurried over. By the time I arrived about 15 minutes later, Shawn was already on the scene, had entered Unit 1015, found the source of the problem, and turned off the water. He was already on the phone calling in the emergency crew. Shawn assured me that Network would work very quickly to get the water and any remaining moisture removed rom the units. He also pointed out the source of the problem as being the meter on top of the water heater which was previously used when the units were apartments. When I returned about five hours later after work to inspect the progress, I was amazed to see a group of workers in my unit, and another group in Unit 1015 working diligently to resolve the crisis. I was greeted in my unit again by Shawn and also Braden. They both stopped what they were doing to take the time to reassure me that everything would be resolved and to explain the process of dehumidifying and repairing my unit. They had planned to be there late in to the night to get the job done, and I left my unit that evening knowing that we had the right guys on the job and I had complete trust in Shawn and Braden. 

    A few days after my unit was completely dry and the damage contained. I was told by T. Newton (owner of the unit) that you would be overseeing the repair process and he provided me your contact info. After the Christmas holiday, I contacted you by phone, and I was pleasantly surprised that you were immediately available to speak by phone. You said you would check out the damage on my unit and follow up with me by the end of the day. On my way home from work, I stopeed by the unit and happened to run in to you in person as you were working on Unit 1015. We viewed the damage in my unit, and you said you were hoping to get a crew in to my unit on Thursday January 2nd, to have the job done or close to being done before my tenant returned on Sunday. You had warned me that it would be tough to be completely finished by the time she returned, as your crew was still finishing the other units, and the carpet stretcher would need to be scheduled also. You followed up with me by phone on Friday as you had promised and told me the good news that efverything was progressing and that my tenant would be able to at least get back in the unit Sunday, and that you hoped to finish repairs by end of the day on Monday. I stopped by the unit on Sunday around to check on the progress and was completely blown away that not only were all the repairs completed ahead of schedule and before my tenant returned from vacation, but also by the quality of work.

    From the moment Network was on the scene of this incident, it has been handled very professionally, quickly, and carefully. It's very reassuring to know that the work that is being done is not only quality work, but is also being done by reliable folks who take the time to explain the process, are easily accessible by phone, and follow up when they say they will. Thank you again for your prompt attention to this matter and for how you handled everything. I passed along my praises of you and Network the Concord management office. I would highly recommend Network to anyone, and will certainly be using your services again in the future if needed.

    Ryan Griffin
  • We just want to thank you for all your hard work at making our home whole again. With a wedding a few weeks away and water coming through the ceiling, you promised us you would have it all repaired in no time and made good on that promise. In an era when service and attention to detail often disappoint, your company came through and did a great job. Your employees and contractors were professional, friendly and communicated with us through the entire process. Our house really has been restored to like-new condition.

    I would recommend Network unconditionally to anyone needing water repair or contracting work. Thanks again!

    Greg Halasy and Beth Hamilton
  • Braden and his team were called in after hours on a weekend, in the middle of a rainstorm, to stop a water leak and assess the repair cost. Braden and his team found the leak and repaired it right away. This job took hours and we cannot thank everyone enough for what they did.

    Since then, Network Restoration has been involved with fixing the issue and resulting damage including mold remediation and wood floor repair amongst many other things. The work has been done with great care and with as little disruption to the tenants, who are students at the College of Charleston. Just as important, the paper trail of invoices and additional support for items on the invoice has made communicaiton with the insurance company easy.

    We need companies like Network Restoration in Cincinnati - great job everyone!

    Thomas P. Orr - Family Office Services Director (Summer Hill, Inc.)
  • Matthew Harmon was a pleasure to work with and provided great service. Not only was Matthew professional, he went above and beyond to explain every step that he took and communicated with both the tenant and myself.

    Due to a death in the family I was traveling during a majority of the mitigation and build back. Matthew was very flexible and always available to take my phone calls and send pictures of the property. Additionally, he would take my calls after business hours and during holidays. This type of service is hard to find and greatly appreciated. 

    As soon as my tenant notified him of the issue he took steps to mitigate the problem and was very efficient. All of his hard work, documentation, and communication were a great relief during this sometimes stressful process.

    Thank you for all of the hard work that the Network Property Restoration team put in to this property!

    Pamela Shehan